Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions set forth are a legal agreement between the client and White falcon company ltd. By using the services of this company, you are acknowledging that you have read, understood and agree with the terms and conditions.

Repair order process of computers

To be able to repair your equipment, we require information such as your name, home address, contact, computer passwords, and email address. Your details shall be used strictly for this cause and they shall not be shared with any third party. The client must be able to pick up their property within 1 month after it has been communicated to them that repairs have been completed.

Authorization of computer repairs

By commissioning White Falcon Co. Ltd, the client authorizes the inspection and evaluation of equipment in order to determine the nature of repairs required. The client must then provide necessary permission to the company to replace components with new or used devices of similar or better design and capability. Hereafter the repair cost is discussed and timescale of delivery after the repair is set.

Backing up data of computers to be repaired

The company will make every possible effort to preserve the client’s data and files in the process of repair. However, the client has the sole responsibility to ensure that all data and information on the computer is backed up before it is taken for repair. Additionally, the computer must have had an Anti-virus system running to protect the existing files from getting viruses.  The company on that note shall not be responsible for the loss of data or damage caused during repairs due to the negligence of client on backing up data or failure to install an anti-virus.

Booking a service and Purchase of a product

This can be done by either calling our premises or requesting a product or service using our website.


A deposit of 30% shall be made for a computer repair order and full payment must be completed at the point when the client expects to receive the repaired equipment.

For products to be purchased, full payment must be made to the company before the client receives the item. In case there is a need for shipping or delivery, the client shall meet the cost unless the item purchased is above 2,000,000 UGX.

Bulk message services shall be paid the full amount on request of an order by a client. The payments shall be done in cash and through major debit cards. No cheques shall be allowed.


A 14-day warranty on labor only repairs carried out on computer equipment shall be carried out on request of the client.

If the problem re-occurs within 15 days of original repair, our company will undertake the repair again without a charge. Charges shall only be incurred when additional parts are required.

Computer parts and products purchased by clients have a 4 months parts and 9 months service warranty exclusive of Power supply, keyboard, mouse, screen, speaker, battery and adapters. This warranty becomes invalid when the manufacturer’s label is removed or tampered with in any way by the client and also when it can be proven that the internal parts of the item were tampered with by the buyer.

Intellectual property

All content made available through our website for example text, graphics, logos, images, and video clips are under copyright and in case you would like to use any of these for non-commercial purposes, you need to get permission from us.

Contact us

In case you have any questions, feel free to contact us at whitefalcon200@gmail.com or call us on 0774115475/ 0702277475

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